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My name is Zimrino, you can call me Zim if you want. Or Z. A gamer and collector at heart, I naturally fell in love with Ready Player One as a book, and equally enjoyed it as a movie. 

I wasn't born in the 80s so I didn't catch every reference in the book. Attempting to research everything left me frustrated as all the information was scattered and drew time away from reading the book. Thus, I decided to make this website. A comprehensive resource in the order of how the book is read, enjoy!

In the spirit of Ready Player One and the OASIS. This website is and will forever be free from Ads.


5/9/2022 Update from Zim:


Thank you all so much for continuing to use this site and the kind messages I've received. It's been almost 4 years and still, Looking at the Analytics, I've been blown away by the response. This started as simply a passion project for me to keep track as I was reading the book but it has turned into quite a bit more.

The domain was down for a little while, but if you've made it this far then welcome back! I don't expect it to go anywhere.

Thank you all again and happy gunting,




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If a video or Easter Egg is missing just let me know the page number and I'll try my best to resolve it. 

(Youtube Videos like to go down fairly often)

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