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Going Outside is Highly Overrated

This website is meant to be a tool used in tandem with the Ready Player One book by Ernest Cline. Every chapter of the book is filled with Easter Eggs and references. I have tried my best going page by page, cataloging each reference to provide you with an opportunity to fully visualize every little detail in Ready Player One. My goal is to show you the real world objects that are described. Everything else, is up to your imagination! Potentially in the future when I have more free time I will expand everything to provide a bit of history on each object.

Each chapter has its own dedicated Page to allow easy navigation. I have donated my own free time to this project and may have missed something. There is a contact form on the "About Me" page that you are more than welcome to use to reach out and help me make this the best resource possible.

I do not claim to own any content on this website. This website exists simply as a Gateway for those who would like to know more.

On a side note, the mobile version works, it is just not fully optimized yet. Some of the text/pictures may be slightly out of order. This is a work in progress.

Happy Gunting!

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